Friday, August 11, 2017

Troubled Women of Yesteryears

Another article I uncovered was about someone I thought was in my family (or maybe my husband's, as I've been doing his genealogy, too), but it ended up not being the person I was looking for.  Check out the title of this article, as well as the content.  If I were back in my undergrad women's studies class and had to write about something, this would be a perfect topic.  This is from 1902:

I did find a divorce notice from 1910 of someone my great, great grandfather was married to briefly  (Clarence Heaton is not my great, great grandfather - Madeline was married several times, this guy was married to her after my great, great grandfather was), and have concluded that it was quite normal to air people's dirty divorce laundry in the newspapers back around 1900.  I would have to do some research to see if divorce articles were mostly noting what the women did wrong, or if it was balanced where if the guy was a philanderer then his name would be dragged through the mud in the paper.  I haven't solely looked for this type of content, but may do some research to see what I can conclude.

And a third specimen is my 3x great grandfather's first (of three) wives.  Rebecca E. Jackson in this article was my 3x great grandmother, maiden name Holloway.  This notice was written by her second or third husband in her later years of life (she was married to one guy for just a year).  I find it interesting and somewhat hilarious to read this.  It also makes me wonder less about where my debt issues earlier in my adulthood may have come from.  I'll also include a picture of her, and also included a picture of Mr. & Mrs. Jackson.


  1. Silent All These YearsAugust 13, 2017 at 3:05 PM

    Where are you doing all this research to find these articles? They are fascinating! Poems waiting to happen!

  2. These are all just random that I found while searching for family names in old papers on You have to have a subscription to use I just happened to either notice them near articles about my family, or they were actual articles about my family.